About Me

Lacheev Roman

Glad to see you here! I am a professional wedding photographer!

First of all, I suggest you get started with my work in the "Portfolio". The "Blog" you can appreciate wedding photography with a series of individual weddings. If you liked my work, we will meet with you to discuss all the details of your event.

In the course of our work, I will try to meet your requests, answer all your questions and offer his hand you ideas for a photo shoot, as well as places in which to conduct it. If, after our conversation, you find that it is me you can be trusted with your photos - we will sign a contract. For your absolute peace of mind in the contract will specify all of the most important aspects of our cooperation.

I am a professional. Working with me, you will not have to worry for anything that is connected with my work. Unlike the professional from the amateur is not just in the professional equipment (although this condition is optional). Wedding photographer - a man who has taste, great experience, which may show in their works the usual things in an unusual light, which can understand and see what is right for you to have your wedding photos are your pride. The entire wedding day with me working as an assistant, and it too will certainly affect the best possible quality of my work. We will do our best to make you satisfied and got the job of excellent quality.

I can not offer you a lower price, but I guarantee you a special job, watching that, even after the lapse of time, you will experience all the same feelings and emotions that you felt on the day of your celebration I will be glad to meet you.

Sincerely, Lacheev Roman.